What to do when you’re crippled by opportunity

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We live in a blessed time, for sure.

Absolute “nobodies” can create a social media account, YouTube channel, podcast, or blog, and start talking about anything and everything before a global audience.

Most business opportunities can be started without so much as a business license or even setting up an LLC or Corporation.

I find myself absolutely crippled by opportunity (H/T to Garyvee for that language), not the lack of it.

For Gary, the answer can be boiled down to one word: Execution.

He says:

The more you do, the more you learn. The more you learn from doing, the more trust and ease you’ll have with making decisions. The more trust you have with yourself in making decisions, the easier it’ll become to act when the time calls for it.

The opposite of taking action is what people call “analysis paralysis.” You spend so much time considering opportunities that you rarely—if ever—take them.

My friends, just make a move. Don’t wait.

Guess what, it’s not going to be perfect anyway. It just isn’t.

The faster you move, the faster you can hit your goals, recover from failures, etc. The more “at bats” you get, the more opportunity to come out on top.

To throw another concept into the mix, I think it’s good advice to “take the next right step.”

It’s foolish to pretend you can divine what the future will be like. Five year goals? Please. Between now and five weeks from now, circumstances could change so deeply that your plans are a complete 180 from reality.

Do what feels right now, to the very best of your ability to execute, and move on when—and if—the time is right.

I really prefer to speak from example rather than theory. So a great example is a new podcast I started last week, The Subscription Web Design Podcast.

It had been in the recesses of my mind as an opportunity for a while, but didn’t see a logical opening. I saw the opening last week, QUICKLY moved, and already have subscribers.

See that? Don’t mull forever. In fact, a colleague of mine said this to me when I told her I launched it:

That is awesome Steve! I’m so impressed you went ahead and started. So often people mull those decisions over forever (myself included ha!)

Just do. In business, action beats aim.

Sep 6, 2022

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