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Why I name things in our business

Compass Calls, Managed Websites, and CREST, oh my! These terms mean very little to most people (virtually everyone), but they are significant pieces of my business and my life. There is a particular art and virtue in naming things. Jason Fried once tweeted: Giving...

Why Don’t You Have a Public Portfolio?

It’s quite common for new prospective clients to ask if we have a public portfolio to share with them at NorthMac. This, of course, is understandable. It’s natural that you’d want to know what our work looks like so that you can determine if the work we do is...

Avoiding Scope Creep in Web Design Projects

When you begin a new website project, no doubt, you have big dreams and ideas for what it can be. Part of my job as a Creative Director is to work with clients before the work begins, to make sure there is alignment between what our clients want, what they are willing...

Don’t Hit Goals—Build Habits

One of the best insights I’ve ever received (H/T Jason Fried) is that goals are, quite often, meaningless. We set arbitrary goals, and one of two things happens: We hit the goal, then set a new one immediately. We fall short of the goal, and beat ourselves up. This is...

How Long Does It Take to Build a Website?

Every time we begin a new website project, I send the client our new project questionnaire. This questionnaire has been instrumental on getting projects started on time and on the right foot. But after these started to go out, I noticed a trend in one of the...

Progress is success, but trying is failure

I’m always intrigued to find when I have adopted separate beliefs, usually from different places, that are seemingly in conflict. We’ve all heard the adage, “Do or do not. There is no try.” (Thanks, Yoda.) I think the miniature green Jedi is absolutely correct. When...

About Me

Hey, I’m Steve Schramm. I write about marketing, design, business strategy, and productivity. This blog is my personal “cookbook” to help you design a healthier business through self-directed learning.