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The Web Design Process: What to Expect

Getting started on a new web project is super exciting! But…for you, the consumer, it can also be confusing, leaving you unsure of what to expect. What’s more, you will not find this to be a consistent experience across the landscape of designers. Our process will...

The power of simply writing words

Words cannot be underestimated. In business (and in life), almost no skill is more rare or more coveted than the ability to write. Writing is important for storytelling, for informing, for persuading, for making people take action, and more. Show me a business without...

How do I know my web designer will do a good job?

If there is one industry that changes with a frightening pace, it is web design. That’s part of why it’s so exciting to be in the field of web design right now. However, because of that rapid change of pace, there is a natural consumer uncertainty that accompanies it....

eLearning 101: What is an online course?

2014 was a crazy year for me. I started a new job working at a law firm, actually filling in for my wife. (She’d hurt her leg and was not able to physically do the job for a few weeks).  Eventually, that job turned into a 6-year stint. I’m forever grateful for...

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Hey, I’m Steve Schramm. I write about marketing, design, business strategy, and productivity. This blog is my personal “cookbook” to help you design a healthier business through self-directed learning.