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The blog: A place to share your ideas

It seems as though “gone are the days” when there was a de facto place where people knew they could find your ideas online.  First, it was the email newsletter. Then the weblog. Then Twitter. Then, somewhat, Youtube. Today, though, there is any number of places...

Solve the problem with a person or a process

In life and business, there is no shortage of problems. As a matter of fact, much of running a business comes down to how well you solve problems.  Technicians get paid for output. Thinkers — problem-solvers — get paid for input, and that level of contribution is...

The Power and Innocence of Web 1.0

There is a seismic shift happening in today’s marketing scene. Some expected it. Others are being blindsided. Some knew it was coming, but not to this extent.  I find myself in the final category. It knew it was coming, but there were a couple of things I was not...

How to Get Comfortable Telling Your Story

It’s not often easy to be vulnerable and open about your background. It’s especially difficult when you are trying to relate something important about your background to teach a lesson for others today.  For this reason, people wishing to be online influencers...

On Trying Something New

So, I had a wild hair. This happens from time to time. Entrepreneurs deal with this often. Literally today, I tweeted out: The Entrepreneurs Prayer: God grant me the serenity to not turn my new hobby into a business. What’s the wild hair?  I decided that I would...

When you know, you can act

A strange thing about humans is the idea of denial. I know people terrified of going to the doctor when they have a problem, but until they end up going, the problem will never be resolved.  The same is true in matters less serious, though.  A couple of...

About Me

Hey, I’m Steve Schramm. I write about marketing, design, business strategy, and productivity. This blog is my personal “cookbook” to help you design a healthier business through self-directed learning.