Hey, I’m Steve.

I’m a Christian, entrepreneur, thinker, and creator. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Choosing to become a giver instead of a taker

Most of us grew up learning the lesson, “It is better to give than to receive.” It’s true. This line comes from the Bible; the word “better” actually is something like more blessed, which carries the meaning of “Happy Making.” (Language c/o of Randy Alcorn). More...

Is getting more done the right goal?

Spend any amount of time studying productivity, and what you’ll find is a lot of advice about how to get more stuff done. It’s an attempt at control. We hate the idea of going through our day, having only accomplished 10 things instead of 11. Or 3 instead of 4. Or 49...

The Art of Developing Frameworks

“Your framework is your savior” — Brendon Burchard via Russell Brunson Easily one of the most revolutionary concepts I’ve ever encountered was the idea that people will read, watch, and listen to your thoughts on a subject. What is now normal to an entire generation...

Why I name things in our business

Compass Calls, Managed Websites, and CREST, oh my! These terms mean very little to most people (virtually everyone), but they are significant pieces of my business and my life. There is a particular art and virtue in naming things. Jason Fried once tweeted: Giving...

Why Don’t You Have a Public Portfolio?

It’s quite common for new prospective clients to ask if we have a public portfolio to share with them at NorthMac. This, of course, is understandable. It’s natural that you’d want to know what our work looks like so that you can determine if the work we do is...

Avoiding Scope Creep in Web Design Projects

When you begin a new website project, no doubt, you have big dreams and ideas for what it can be. Part of my job as a Creative Director is to work with clients before the work begins, to make sure there is alignment between what our clients want, what they are willing...

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Hey, I'm Steve — a Christian, entrepreneur, thinker, and creator. Thanks for stopping by!

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