Hey, I’m Steve.

I’m a Christian, entrepreneur, thinker, and creator. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Run a Peaceful Business

Being an entrepreneur comes down, in a business sense, to one thing: the ability to maximize leverage. When you have leverage, you can accomplish much more, in less time, more effectively, and usually create something better. Leverage comes in many forms, such as:...

You’re probably wrong

Ever met a know-it-all? I’ll bet some of you, over the holidays, got to interact with one or two family members who just seem to have a tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge. I mean no matter what the topic of conversation, they not only have an opinion, but they...

Turning your business into a product people use

Jason Fried says you should run your business like a product. Your business is essentially a product used by your employees, and it better be the very best product you have since it’s responsible for all the other ones. I agree. But this leads to the question of, what...

Refusing to Enter the X Rat Race (for Now)

Since the takeover of Twitter and its subsequent transformation into X, there has been a revival of the creator economy like we’ve not seen in quite a while. Until this new version of Twitter, there has never really been a sustainable way for the writers to make money...

#HustleCulture is for the Weak

I write to you from in front of a beautiful full window scene at my in-laws’ house in the hills of Pennsylvania. The only thing that could make the scene more beautiful would be the inclusion of soft, glistening snow. And while it isn’t on the forecast, I find myself...

Progress and the Process

Everybody everywhere is looking for a shortcut. That one silver bullet that finally takes off. In my experience, there are three kinds of people in the world when it comes to achievement. The Sharpshooter — this person believes that success can truly be achieved at...

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Hey, I'm Steve — a Christian, entrepreneur, thinker, and creator. Thanks for stopping by!

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