The Thing About Rainmakers

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“Rainmakers see the world, and everyone in it, as their market. Rainmakers know the world is small. They know that everyone knows someone. They know that anyone can become a client, or refer a client, or recommend a client, or scuttle a promising relationship.” — Jeffrey J. Fox

If you follow my work online, you know I’m obsessed with the concept of niching. I wish the generalist game was easier — but the fact remains that the riches are in the niches for most people.

Legendary copywriter and marketer Dan Kennedy once shared that the only thing he’d change if he could do it over again is specializing. He chose a generalist route, and it worked out, but by his own admission he could have been much more successful had he niched down his marketing training early on.

But the quote above from Jeffrey J. Fox fascinates me.

I always love a competing opinion. How else would we ever grow?

Jeff is the expert on rainmaking. He wrote the book on it. And lots of other great books too. And he’s making a valuable point that’s true of many I’d consider great salespeople.

Nobody is off-limits. Now—I don’t mean this in a bloodsucking way. If you’re not in it to help people, you will feel slimy, and people can smell that stuff a mile away. But if you see the entire world as your market, even if you specialize in helping a particular kind of person, every conversation you have and person you meet works in your favor. Even if it works in their favor!

I think if you combine this mindset with the Go-Giver mindset, you could become a force to be reckoned with. Why? Because you will be fearless in helping people achieve what they want, while also being confident in the solution you can offer.

There are people who love being a connector. That’s not really me, so I’m not naturally looking for opportunities to connect people. But natural connectors—of which I guarantee there are many all around you—need people to connect! Psst, that’s you, my friend!

When you approach the world with the mindset that you can help anybody and, in turn, that anybody can help you, the entire world opens up to you. What was draining becomes fun. It’s more like playing a game. Meeting new people, seeing how you can help them achieve their goals, and if the opportunity presents itself, allowing them to help you achieve yours.

That’s the thing about rainmakers.

They’re not afraid to ask lots of questions, dig deep, and make themselves available. But they’re also not afraid to tell you what they do, who they’d love to connect with, and how their products or services can transform lives.

So, be a rainmaker.

Feb 27, 2024

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