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eLearning 101: What is an online course?

2014 was a crazy year for me. I started a new job working at a law firm, actually filling in for my wife. (She’d hurt her leg and was not able to physically do the job for a few weeks).  Eventually, that job turned into a 6-year stint. I’m forever grateful for...

Shapeup for Clients: The Heartbeat

One of the core tenants of Shape Up is the Heartbeat. The Heartbeat was invented as a way to keep the entire team in the loop of current projects and progress. Writes Jason Fried: A Heartbeat summarizes all the work the team did over the last 6-week cycle. It's a way...

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Hey, I’m Steve Schramm. I write about marketing, design, business strategy, and productivity. This blog is my personal “cookbook” to help you design a healthier business through self-directed learning.