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The difference between endurance and stupidity

One of the very hardest questions to answer in business is, “When should I give up?” As it relates to marketing especially, you want to/need to “endure long enough to get noticed.” At the same time, maybe you’re not getting noticed because whatever you’re trying to do...

15 minutes or less

Commitment is really hard. And trying out new things can be difficult, especially when you have lots of external pressure and the internal motivation is not necessarily there. Can you relate? If you find yourself in that sort of situation, I think one of the best...

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

While NorthMac Services serves a variety of customers, our “bread and butter” are those with eLearning websites. Technically speaking, an eLearning website is often referred to as a Learning Management System. Learning Management Systems (LMS) add special...

How do I create a marketing website?

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is not thinking of their website as part of their marketing strategy. In fact, more than it being part of your marketing strategy, it should be the center of your marketing strategy. It has been well-said not to build...

Will Blind People Be Able to Use My Website?

One of the biggest shifts in the digital world recently comes in the area of accessibility. More and more companies are going out of their way (and rightly so) to cater to those who are unable to interact in the same way as others. To be honest, my team and I arrived...

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Hey, I’m Steve Schramm. I write about marketing, design, business strategy, and productivity. This blog is my personal “cookbook” to help you design a healthier business through self-directed learning.