Clients Are Not From Hell (10 Reasons)

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Years ago when I first started my web design agency, I listened to podcasts like crazy. I can honestly say that if it were not for podcasting, I would not be here today. I’ve learned many of my most important insights from podcasts. 

One that I listened to in the early days was called “Clients From Hell.” Just one insight I learned from the podcast (well, not so much an insight) was an introduction to Paul Jarvis.

All these years later, I am a customer of Paul’s Fathom Analytics tool (affiliate link) and love it! 

And while I’m sure that no one means to suggest that all clients are from hell, unfortunately, I too often see people talk about “clients” as though client work in general is like a four letter word. 

Can I be honest? Every now and then, I am tempted to think the same thing. But that’s why I want to publicly and boldly push back against that mentality. 

Clients are not from hell. Clients are amazing. They make my business go around. They make work exciting and interesting. They take the repetitiveness out of my job. 

Here are just 10 reasons that clients are not from hell: 

  1. Clients pay the bills
  2. Clients give variety to the work
  3. Clients are able to make you better at communication
  4. Client work forces accountability 
  5. Clients can become like lifelong business partners
  6. Clients can make an otherwise lonely job feel collaborative
  7. Clients inject originality into your work
  8. Clients refer more clients
  9. Clients expand your personal horizons
  10. Clients can help you clarify who you do and don’t want to serve

In my opinion, there are no clients from hell. There are clients who may not be a right fit for you, but a perfect fit for someone else. Heck, half the time, you might think they’re from hell but ultimately you are giving them a bad experience. 

Are there folks who seem difficult to work with? Sure. But don’t get that confused with a client from hell. I love client work, and I think we should be grateful for those we get to serve on a regular basis. 

Shout out to my fantastic clients! I very literally could not do what I do today without you. 

May 25, 2022

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