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In the software world, there are two types of business:

Those that ask you to use the software a certain way, and those that provide a set of tools that let you custom configure to suit your needs.

It’s tempting to think the latter option is always better. BK, “Have it your way,” right?

I don’t think so.

My take is that I love opinionated software. I actually think it’s good for you, for many reasons. One being that software in the latter category is often way harder to use, and some people just aren’t that creative. Another being that it creates frustration from the customer because they don’t know what to do. If you NEED a course to learn how to use a piece of software, it’s probably too complex.

Opinionated software is the exact opposite experience.

They usually have a solid onboarding process and clear instructions on how to use the tool to get the result.

My personal favorite is when not only the software is opinionated, but the company is too.

Basecamp is my favorite project management software.


Because it works in accordance with the “rules” established by its makers, 37signals, who are opinionated about how businesses ought to run. Ideas such as long-form writing, checking in using automation instead of human beings, and (conversely) using human emotion instead of automation to express progress on projects are baked into the software because it’s what the founders believe about work.

The same can be true of your business.

Sure, you could offer a smorgasbord of products or services and try to pander to everyone’s requests.

But I believe a more excellent way is to decide specifically WHO you’re for, WHAT you’ll do for them, and WHY you believe what you believe. In so doing you will attract, over time, the right people who are aligned with you, know what you have to offer, and want the specific solution you provide.

Businesses that ask everyone to be their customer don’t typically have a list of customers just waiting to do business with them.

Businesses that have a point of view and share it, however, are the ones who end up oversubscribed.

So have you taken time to determine WHO you work with, WHAT specific results you will get for them, and WHY you believe the things you do?

If so, find a way to get busy telling the world about it.

Jan 5, 2024

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