The Art of Developing Frameworks

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“Your framework is your savior” — Brendon Burchard via Russell Brunson

Easily one of the most revolutionary concepts I’ve ever encountered was the idea that people will read, watch, and listen to your thoughts on a subject.

What is now normal to an entire generation was once only a glimmer in the imagination of revolutionaries.

So what changed?

Before, the gatekeeper controlled consumption. The Internet broke down those imaginary walls.

In the early days when people were still getting used to this, they didn’t even know what to share.

So—they shared everything.

The kind of updates we’re used to seeing on Twitter now were written in longer form, on “web blogs.”

Strictly speaking, a “blog” was very informal. A small idea or update about what was on your mind.

As social media came into the picture, though, the traditional “blog” died out. It wasn’t that people didn’t want to read that kind of information—after all, humans are nosy.

That information just changed location. All good — but what of powerful tools like WordPress that allow for longer form writing?

Those took on a new life in what most people call “content marketing.”

Content marketing is the idea of marketing your business through value-driven content, such as how to’s, why’s, and what’s.

When you teach in this way, though, there’s a tendency for few things to happen:

  • You get lost in a sea of other people’s content
  • Your ideas lose their teeth if not made concrete
  • There’s no method for teaching your ideas on repeat

Enter the “framework era.” A framework is simply a well thought out, repeatable process. It can have many layers.

Russell Brunson’s “framework for teaching frameworks” is my personal favorite:

  1. Tell a story about ow you learned or earned the framework
  2. Give the strategy
  3. Give the tactics
  4. Share a testimonial of how the framework worked in real life for a real person or persons

You can have frameworks within frameworks, such that your ideas can be condensed to a 2-minute video or expanded over a weekend-long seminar.

Without a framework, your ideas will not spread, and it will be difficult to share them.

With a framework, though, you can establish a routine process that repeatedly creates success and helps you lead people where you want to take them.

Start developing frameworks!

Feb 21, 2023

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