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A strange thing about humans is the idea of denial. I know people terrified of going to the doctor when they have a problem, but until they end up going, the problem will never be resolved. 

The same is true in matters less serious, though. 

A couple of examples: 

I recently happened upon Patrick Lencioni’s Working Genius Model. It is a productivity model and assessment that helps you to identify the gaps missing from your team accomplishing great work. 

Although this is not a personality assessment (like DISC or StrengthFinders), the conceptual basis is the same. Once you know what you are, how you react in certain situations, how other people’s interactions affect you and vice-versa, you can begin to take helpful actions in light of that knowledge. 

The point is not to change, at least not in most situations. Merely having the mental category makes the difference. 

Another example: Today, I learned there are three main body types: Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Endomorphs. Your body type is a huge factor in determining what sort of diet and exercise your body needs and will respond to. 

In my case, I learned I am an endomorph. As it turns out, my current diet and exercise regimen (One Meal a Day Carnivore, 3x strength workouts, and 2x walks per week, for the curious) is absolutely perfect for the body type I have. Will I change what I am doing as a result of learning this new information? 

No, not necessarily, but that’s also because the knowledge confirmed my current course of action. If I had learned that a different course of action would be more beneficial, I would likely begin exploring that. 

The same thing holds with the Working Genius. The point is not to change or to “work on” your weak areas. No! The opposite! The point is to learn about yourself, lean into your strengths, and be more aware of your interactions. 

My Working Genius is Wonder / Invention, otherwise labeled as the “Creative Dreamer.” In short, this means I am a strong philosophical thinker and innovator, but I’m not really great at cranking out a to-do list. Or, if I am great at it, I became great out of necessity and likely do not enjoy it (this is accurate in my case). 

This allows me to ensure that my team is made up of folks who help fill in the gaps where I am weak. This is exactly what I have done, and we have a fantastic team

This is why lifelong learning is important. In your life or business, the more you know, the more you can identify current realities and take action based on them. 

They say ignorance is bliss; I say awareness is better.

May 27, 2022

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