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I recently have decided to change my mind about a very important piece of my current marketing offering (will talk more about specifics at a later time). Discussed a bit here, as well.

Basically, I realized there is a particular result that I used to want to provide for clients, that:

  1. Does not fit as well as I thought within our current wheelhouse of expertise
  2. Also is changing a lot, and quickly, due to eternal industry pressures

As a result, I have made the decision I no longer want to bear the responsibility for producing results in this area. I think when you are deciding what you want your business to do, especially if you have clients to consider, you should slow down and think very carefully about what you want to be responsible for. 

Here’s another example. 

When I very first started to offer marketing services, I was charging lower fees and held the client responsible for much of the production and creation work. In other words, I would support the efforts through sales funnels, email marketing, etc. But I was always waiting for clients to do the work. When the work didn’t get done, guess who got the ax? 

Yep, me. 

What I learned, is that as much as I love working with clients, it was not a good use of my time or money to offer services that required them to do the bulk of the work. So I decided that I would put together a package that was more expensive, but it would allow for me to do much more of the ideation and production with assistance from the client instead. 

That is a result I am willing to be responsible for. Thus far, it has worked out. 

Ultimately, you get to decide. Especially when doing client work, your stress and happiness will be affected by what results you choose to be responsible for. 

Choose wisely.

May 26, 2022

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